Sport of Thrones: All seven seasons ranked from worst to greatest

Winter is right here. The White Walkers are coming. The struggle for all times towards dying. You already know the drill.

Sport of Thrones’ eighth and closing season kicks off this Sunday. For those who’re studying this, you have most likely rewatched the earlier seven seasons to arrange your self for Sunday’s debut.

I am proper there with you. I returned to the Seven Kingdoms on daily basis for the previous six weeks, and it was majestic. Based mostly on the writings of George R.R. Martin, Sport of Thrones supplies a wealthy, deeply satisfying world to these prepared to work for it. It is an journey, for positive, and listed here are the most effective and worst chapters of that journey.

A notice: Someone has to return final in each race. Many of the criticisms under come from holding the present to a excessive normal and evaluating it towards itself. Sport of Thrones is fairly darn nice even on the worst of occasions. (Aside from a few of Bran and Daenerys’ plots. A number of of these will not be darn nice.)

It most likely goes with out saying, however Sport of Thrones spoilers under.


Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow in season seven.


A nasty Sport of Thrones season continues to be good TV.  Season 7, broadcast an entire lifetime in the past in 2017, had among the greatest moments within the historical past of the present. The issue is the entire season was basically one second after one other. Tent poles with no tent.

The season is infamous for enjoying free with time and area. Characters journey to and from Winterfell, Dragonstone, The Wall or King’s Touchdown in a scene or two, when beforehand such journeys would take no less than an episode.

The tempo is dizzying, and many of the plots relate to 1 key character interacting with one other key character (Daenerys and Jon, Arya and Sansa, and so forth.). Regardless of the plots taking part in out in a number of main, distinct areas, the impact on storytelling is that the world feels smaller. King’s Touchdown does not really feel like a metropolis anymore, it is simply the place Cersei Lannister lives. The purpose of season 7 is to drive house that the world is in grave hazard, so it is ironic the world looks like much less of a personality than ever right here.

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There’s quite a bit to like, although. Arya Stark’s Winterfell return, the dying of Littlefinger and Jon assembly Daenerys for the primary time are scenes to be YouTubed for years to return. Jon’s exoneration of Theon Greyjoy and the Stark sisters’ commemorating Ned Stark had been inspiring, and the entire White Walker dragon factor units the stakes excessive. Plus, there’e the anticipated return of Scorching Pie.

So sure, there is no scarcity of hallmark moments. However I believe that when Sport of Thrones’ closing credit roll and your entire present may be considered soberly, season 7 will not maintain up in addition to the remaining.

Finest bits: Arya comes house, Littlefinger dies, Jon meets Daenerys, Jon and Theon, Jaime Lannister lastly bails on Cersei. Scorching Pie.


The Excessive Sparrow was only a roadblock for Cersei. An attention-grabbing roadblock, however nonetheless only a roadblock.


This season got here in scorching, because the prior one ended with Tyrion Lannister murdering his father, Tywin. Nonetheless, it did not really capitalize on the momentum of the wonderful fourth season; it was extra plodding plot than substantial storytelling. (For Sport of Thrones, no less than.)

Tyrion finally ends up counseling Daenerys, however the highway to getting there is not notably gratifying. Daenerys’ exploits in Essos, as with most seasons, are a low level right here with the Sons of the Harpy subplot. It is really an above common Daenerys plot, thanks largely to the tense battle that leaves Gray Worm injured and Ser Barristan Selmy lifeless. However Daenerys’ future is in Westeros, so Essos monkey enterprise finally feels inconsequential, notably this late within the recreation.

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The identical may be stated for the King’s Touchdown plot, which has the Excessive Sparrow and his non secular cult take over the town. The Excessive Sparrow is himself a compelling character, however we finally know he is a diversion. Cersei’s shaming is known at this level, however she was all the time going to win ultimately. The Excessive Sparrow story was onerous to get really invested in as a result of it felt extra like a mere roadblock for Cersei. A peculiar, considerate roadblock, however a roadblock nonetheless.

In the meantime, Jaime and Bronn being buds in Dorne was enjoyable, and Marcella’s dying scene, together with Jaime’s admission, was an emotional, if rapidly constructed, second. The remainder of the Dornish journey was a letdown to many followers, nonetheless. Arya Stark’s coaching to turn out to be a Faceless Man, principally consisting of her mopping flooring, was OK at greatest.

Finest bits: Tyrion meets Daenerys, Jon will get named Lord Commander of the Night time’s Watch, Jon will get murdered by the Night time’s Watch, Jaime and Bronn hang around.


Tyrion thrived as Hand of the King.


Season 2, like season 5, had a troublesome act to comply with. Sport of Thrones misplaced its main man, or what we thought was its main man, within the first season. We had been left with the petulant, psychopathic Joffrey and no hero to really counterbalance him. Rob Stark is cool, but it surely was onerous to financial institution on a Stark after season 1.

Joffrey Baratheon actually is a spectacular villain, although. They are saying the most effective antagonists are ones with a respectable axe to grind, however Joffrey is the exception to that rule. It is unattainable to not hate him. You simply cannot look forward to him to die. A very efficient unhealthy man.

The way in which he interacts with Tyrion, who takes over as Hand of the King, is terrific. Significantly memorable is the scene through which Tyrion protects Sansa from a public beating. And naturally, Tyrion’s shining second was the Battle of Blackwater Bay, an epic battle, despite the fact that it has been dwarfed in scale a number of occasions over by battles in subsequent seasons.

One other sequence spotlight is Tywin Lannister utilizing Arya as his cupbearer. Sport of Thrones is at its greatest when it spotlights how life and the folks in it are grey, not black-and-white. Although Arya desperately wished to kill Tywin, you get the sense these two might have been nice budds in one other dimension. Talking of completely happy different realities, season two is an element one of many tragedy that’s Jon and Ygritte.

However the season has its drawbacks. Specifically, Daenerys’ time in Qarth is a routine buzzkill. The jostling between Stannis and Renly Baratheon is OK, however at this level we’re not invested in both character. Theon’s betrayal of the Starks turns into a key component of the Thrones story later, but it surely’s chaotic right here.

And that is actually the difficulty with season two. It is nonetheless high quality TV, and there are lots of stellar components. Moreover, watching it again looking back, understanding the place everybody finally ends up, does enhance it. However it’s frenetic, bordering on disorientating. It is one thing of a sacrificial lamb in that regard, organising future seasons for fulfillment.

Finest bits: Joffrey’s spectacular unlikability. Arya hangs out with Tywin. Tyrion as Hand of the King. Battle of Blackwater Bay. Jon meets Ygritte.


Good vibes solely. 


The third season was really nice TV. It is house to arguably the present’s most notorious scene, The Pink Wedding ceremony, and what I might argue is its greatest love story, Jon and Ygritte.

After a flurry of victories towards Tywin, Rob’s fortunes reverse on this season. He begins dropping momentum after which, after breaking an oath to Walder Frey, loses his life. He and mom Catelyn Stark are betrayed by Roose Bolton, setting the stage for the rise of Ramsay Bolton, one of many present’s higher antagonists.

In the meantime, Jon, discovering himself alone on the incorrect aspect of the wall in season two, is pressured to turn out to be one with the Free Folks. Eat with the Free Folks. Sleep with the Free Folks. Breed with their ladies, and so forth. This results in a Romeo and Juliet-style conundrum for Jon. He falls in love with Ygritte, a Free Folks (Free Particular person?) who he ultimately has to bail on to return to Fortress Black. This culminates with a touching scene within the closing episode. Ygritte might have killed Jon together with her bow and arrow, you see, however selected to solely injure him nonfatally. Real love.

Again in King’s Touchdown, Tywin reclaims place of Hand of the King, shirking Tyrion to the ignoble Grasp of Coin place. Tyrion is pressured to marry Sansa, however refuses to consummate the wedding and additional traumatise his bride. Like season two, this season can also be propped up by the infinitely hateable Joffrey, who goes out of his strategy to torture Tyrion (and principally everybody else).

Finest bits: The Pink Wedding ceremony, Jon and Ygritte half two, Jaimie and Brienne of Tarth’s travels, Tywin places the King to mattress.


Sport of Thrones’ sixth season is the place Jon turned The Man. If season one was The Ned Stark Hour, that is the Jon Snow Present.

Three episodes in, Jon will get resurrected by Woman Melisandre. The following episode he hangs his betrayers. 5 episodes later he kills Ramsay Bolton within the Battle of the Bastards. The season ends with northern lords naming him the King within the North.

This season additionally breathed life into Sansa. She turned extra of an lively participant within the story after 5 seasons of the story occurring to her. It is also the place we’re launched to Lyanna Mormont, one of many present’s greatest aspect characters.

The Excessive Sparrow saga ends in cataclysmic vogue, with Cersei blowing up the excessive sept. The music performed all through this sequence nonetheless haunts my nightmares. (In a great way.)

Arya’s coaching, whereas nonetheless common TV, improved over the earlier season’s. We get numerous Sam Tarly right here, which additionally slows the tempo down. Bran’s time with the Three-Eyed Raven is arguably the worst a part of the season, however its climax, the well-known The Door episode, is an all-time favorite.

Season six ends with Cersei topped Queen, Jon the King within the North and Daenerys lastly on her strategy to Westeros. The dominoes are nicely and really falling.

Finest bits: Jon is revived, “My watch has ended,” Sansa kills Ramsay, Jon is known as King within the North, Jon reunites with Sansa, Cersei mass murders a metropolis. “Maintain the door.”


Oh, Ned. Candy Ned.

Season one among Sport of Thrones feels so way back, a contented, distant dream land. We had been all so naive. It is synonymous with Ned Stark, whose spectre has hovered over the present since, the inspiration of poignant moments even six seasons later.

Sport of Thrones’ first season is magnificently beguiling. At first you assume this can be a story about two Lannister siblings going to nefarious ends to cowl up their incestuous relationship. You assume the hero of this story is Ned Stark. You discover out that the Lannister scandal is a vital however finally minor piece of this puzzle. You discover out that this is not a narrative the place the nice guys all the time win.

I battle to consider TV moments I personally discovered extra stunning than Ned’s beheading. The Pink Wedding ceremony often will get thrown about as the larger swerve, but it surely was Ned’s dying that established what Sport of Thrones’ was actually about. The Pink Wedding ceremony simply cemented it.

The primary season additionally expertly lays seeds that blossom into centerpiece vegetation within the Sport of Thrones backyard; Tyrion disciplining Joffrey, the delicate variations in Varys and Littlefinger’s whispers, the dutiful however resentful Hound.

Come again to us Ned. We miss you.

Finest bits: Ned Stark.


Earlier than rewatching all of the out there Sport of Thrones seasons, I used to be positive the primary season was greatest. Then, one balmy Sunday, I watched everything of season four in at some point. It was the most effective day of my life. Banger after banger.

Joffrey’s dying is its first main second. It was completely timed, being a shock with out feeling both contrived or arbitrary. It was additionally a sufficiently painful means for such a vile character to die, giving us simply the correct amount of payoff with out feeling gratuitous. Then there’s Tyrion’s trial and his “I’ll let the Gods determine” speech, which’ll give anybody goosebumps.

The hits preserve coming: Bronn’s budding bromance with Jaime Lannister, Jaime’s cohesion for Tyrion, Oberyn Martell’s struggle towards The Mountain and naturally Tyrion murdering his toilet-strapped father.

That is additionally the place the present’s greatest unlikely tandem hit their stride: The Hound and Arya. Their semi-friendship supplies many memorable scenes, together with the brawl with Lannister troopers the place Arya will get Needle again, the touching scene through which The Hound exhibits Arya learn how to most effectively kill a person, and naturally the encounter with Brienne of effing Tarth.

The season ended with Tywin’s dying and Tyrion’s escape to Essos. However the emotional peak got here earlier than; the Free Folks and the Night time’s Watch collide in a battle at Fortress Black in episode 9. Ygritte dies. No you are crying.

Finest bits: Joffrey dies, Ygritte dies, Tyrion’s speech, Tyrion’s trial by fight, Tyrion killing his dad, Arya and The Hound. 

Initially revealed 5 a.m. PT. 

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