Scientists Discovered a Chunk of a Comet Inside a Meteorite

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Scientists simply discovered a piece of comet hiding within a rocky meteorite that fell to Earth.

Usually, comets fritter away as they enter Earth’s environment. In different phrases, in accordance with Gizmodo, this cosmic calzone supplied a protecting protect across the comet fragments, giving scientists an useful alternative to check the origins of the photo voltaic system.

Small Samples

The meteorite in query is known as LaPaz Icefield 02342, which was discovered in Antarctica in 2002. This new probe into the meteorite’s composition, printed Monday within the journal ­Nature Astronomy, describes 100 micron-thick — the scale of a thick human hair — carbon-rich segments that the scientists suspect originated in a comet.

With out really figuring out how the meteorite fashioned, the scientists can’t fairly conclude that it’s housing items of a comet, in accordance with Gizmodo. However primarily based on what scientists do find out about comets and meteorites, the researchers suspect still-forming comet collided with a meteorite that ultimately fell to Earth.

Only a few comets survive the descent to Earth, so if that’s actually what scientists discovered, it might give them a uncommon glimpse into how celestial our bodies are fashioned.

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